What you need to know about WordPress 5.9

With WordPress 5.9 just around the corner, we know you have questions, concerns. A lot of noise is being made about full-site editing, block-based themes, and the future changes happening with WordPress. I’m writing today to help reassure the Kadence … Read More

Kadence Reaches 100,000 Active Installs

After just a year in the WordPress repository, the Kadence theme has reached 100,000 active installations! We can’t be more excited about the future of the Kadence theme. And we can’t thank our community of users enough for the support!  … Read More

Kadence WP is Joining iThemes!

Kadence WP is joining iThemes! I (Ben Ritner) and the whole team at Kadence WP will join with theirs. We are very excited about this and excited about what the future will bring for our users. I think it’s safe … Read More

How to Choose the Right Host for Your WordPress Site

If you want a website that loads quickly with consistently fast page speeds, you can’t skip over how vital hosting is when considering your site’s performance. There are always things you can do to increase the speed of your website, … Read More

How to Troubleshoot Your Website

Have you ever been working on your website and suddenly something goes wrong? Yeah, us too. A lot. What makes it worse is the hours spent trying to explain your problem to the product support team. All the back-and-forth can … Read More

Interview with Calvin Koepke of 10up

Calvin Koepke is a Senior Frontend Engineer at 10up, working on enterprise-level WordPress websites and integrations. He’s been a good friend of mine for many years and has tons of experience with WordPress, website development and design. He’s worked for … Read More

Responsive WooCommerce Emails

One of the top requests for our Kadence WooCommerce email designer is to add a way to make WooCommerce emails responsive/fluid for better mobile support. If you’ve not had to create email templates before this may sound easy. Unfortunately, it’s … Read More

The Best Payment Gateways for WooCommerce

If you are setting out to create a WooCommerce online store, one of the first things you need to decide is how to collect payment for your products. If you want to process credit card transactions, then you need a … Read More

Video – Building with Kadence Blocks

In this video, I highlight some features that come with Kadence Blocks a blocks plugin for the new WordPress editor. See features like the row layout, custom color palette, and block defaults. It follows the creation of a custom WordPress … Read More

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