Background Image Sizing

When you are setting up your site and you want to place an image behind some content or to cover a whole area it is import to understand a few key options in terms of background size. Here is a … Read More

Chrome Inspect Tool

The Google Chrome Inspect Tool (or DevTools) are a brilliant tool for editing/adding css on your site. It essentially gives you a sneak peak of what is going on in the back-end and allows you to test out changes without actually making changes. The DevTools … Read More

How to Make Money by Blogging

Can This Work? Imagine what life would be like if you could work from home getting paid to do what you love? It sounds like a dream, right? Sitting at your kitchen table with simply your computer, your thoughts and a … Read More

Free Resources for Re-making Your Site

Resources are a huge asset when it comes to creating a successful site. You can have a site full of amazing content, but if it isn’t visually appealing then it loses a lot of its power. Visual Resources are necessary … Read More

How to Start a Blog

A Blogging World In the last twenty years, blogging has come from non-existence to being one of the hottest things the internet has to offer. Not only does it give people the freedom to share their thoughts, but it has created … Read More

Creating a Demo 3 Layout Homepage

 Create a Page 1. Go to Pages > Add New and name your page “Home”. 2. Publish Page. Page Display Settings 1. Go to Settings > Reading. 2. Select “Static Page” beside “Front Page Displays” 3. Beside Front Page choose “Home.” … Read More

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