Add a MailChimp Popup Subscribe Form to Your Site

Getting Started:

1. Go to and create a MailChimp account.

2. Navigate to the Lists area of MailChimp, and create a new list or use an existing list


3. Open the list dropdown, click “signup forms” and select “Pop-Up”


Configure your pop-up form and publish. A popup will prompt you to confirm the publication:

4. After publishing, click “View Code” and copy your embedded code:

Correcting the code:

The default javascript generated by MailChimp is outdated and will break your site. Fortunately, a workaround is available.

1. Copy the JavaScript from here:

And replace this section:
baseUrl: '',
uuid: 'a123456789abcdefghijklmno',
lid: '1abc12345a'

with the fields generated by your form creation:
({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"779d42fa1bbd103528f8461a9","lid":"75f12fa922"}) })

For my form, it will look like this:
baseUrl: '',
uuid: '779d42fa1bbd103528f8461a9',
lid: '75f12fa922'

2. Paste the entire code into your footer like this:

3. View your site and verify that the form is being output correctly: