Best Blog Niches: 5 Topics That Set You Up for Success

There have been numerous success stories we’ve seen on social media of people who have made a business for themselves blogging. While we’ve talked a lot in the past about how important it is for a blog on your small business website to build a customer base for any small business, there is another entire industry of blogging that can provide opportunity of creating additional income streams and community.

What is a Blog Niche?

Niche blogging, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market.” A niche blog is a blog that creates content appealing to a specific market niche, geographic area, or demographic. While many people might argue that all blogs are niche in some way, the terminology of niche blogging has evolved to mean a specific type of blog that either makes money through advertising or through affiliate marketing in a specific niche.

Often when we think about blogging we focus on search engine optimization (SEO). It’s all about getting words out there that search engines will pick up on. Unfortunately, this has led to many people writing on all kinds of topics in hopes to bring in traffic, even if the topic is outside their niche. However, with Google’s new Helpful Content update, this kind of strategy is not actually effective. Listen to our take in a recent episode of the Kadence Beat. 

For long-term success, it is important to identify a well defined and focused topic area that aims towards being of service to site visitors. By answering the questions that an audience has, you are better able to connect with your audience. Since the end goal of creating a blog is to generate income from it, picking a blog niche would be the best idea to create a dedicated community of readers.

Why Is a Blog Niche Important?

There are many reasons why a blog niche is so important. Let’s look into a few…

Having a Niche Helps You Become a Pro

Establishing your authority as an expert in your niche comes from focused, deep content that helps site visitors get answers to their questions. This kind of expertise can only be established by focusing your content in one specific area. Specialization is only achieved when you continuously work at one thing over a long period of time. Blog niches enable building that expertise in a great way. By blogging about a specific topic every time, you build your creativity and become an expert at it.

Focus on a singular niche and aiming towards being helpful to your audience builds trust with your readers, and they will always seek out your blog when they need specific answers to their questions. Because your blog is dedicated only to a specific topic, you will become an proven expert in your field.

They Enable You to Make Money

Loyal readers will not feel a pinch when giving you money for your content if you choose to focus on a certain blog niche. For example, a large number of people subscribe to read the online content of the New York Post. After a long period of time of demonstrating value to their audience, the New York Post develops a specific authority as a trusted leader in providing that value.

In a similar manner, the sky’s the limit when you choose to focus on a particular niche, build your loyal readership, and deliver high quality, deep and focused content that answers your audience’s questions every time. 

They Help to Build Credibility

If you choose one blog niche and stick consistently to it, you will inevitably build credibility. If you do research and write the truth about your chosen blog niche, people will trust your content more than other content. 

However, writing generally and broadly without being unique about a specific topic sets you up for failure. This is because the general ideas and topics are written by every writer on the internet, and they can be accessed anywhere. So, be unique and focused if you want to build your credibility. 

How To Start a Niche Blog

Now that we have established the great importance of niche blogging, how do we go about setting it up? Glad you asked! Here is a list of things to actually do in order to start your niche blog.

Evaluate Your Interests

It is next to impossible to become an expert in a blog niche that does not interest you. The idea of having a blog is writing what you have a deep interest in and not just anything that comes to your mind. What excites you? What things make your soul jump up in elation when you think about them? What have you recently learned about that you are excited about teaching others?

Did you recently do a DIY project around your house or apartment and you’re excited to share the results, including the hard lessons learned and your frustrations? This experience can lead to sharing tips that can help others avoid frustration and be more successful with their projects. Scale that into other DIY projects, and maybe you’re the world’s next DIY blogger with a loyal following.

These are the things you should focus on because, ideally, you are your own publisher and editor. Hence, you need to choose something that you really enjoy and have a deep interest in so that you do not end up demotivated in the process. 

Develop a Content Strategy

A content strategy is key to successful niche blogging. Your content strategy should have a content calendar and content goals that you intend to achieve. 

For the DIY example, perhaps just a review of your home and improvements you’d like to make becomes not only a list of weekend to-do’s, but perhaps a content calendar of helpful topics that can help other DIY’ers to get their projects done more quickly.

With the right kind of content strategy, you will rarely lack topics to talk about. This helps prevent you from diverting from your specific topic and risking losing your loyal readership. Moreover, a good content strategy leads to excellent content, which will be ranked higher by Google as the search engine wants quality and unique work. 

Carry out Keyword Research

Keywords are the kings of being discoverable in the modern world. They determine whether or not your blog will be discoverable on search engines. It is not enough to just have a blog; you must choose the right keywords to make the blog discoverable. 

Search for the terms that you think your audience might search on to find answers. If you’re doing DIY projects, searching for answers yourself might lead you to the place where you might find content strategies and competitive intelligence on what has worked for other bloggers in your niche.

If there are a lot of other bloggers in your niche, you might need to specialize even further. Maybe you don’t want to take on DIY for all home improvement projects, but you find yourself very interested in building custom furniture, woodworking, or dealing with ceramic tile. Maybe you have a project of rejuvenating wrought iron railings with a specific technique. Find what makes your topic unique, and then add your unique voice to the mix for a customized approach no one else can emulate.

Optimizing your blog for search engines is a key component to the success of your blog. There’s a lot more that goes into it than adding a few keywords in your your blog. Though don’t get me wrong, that’s important too! Learn about all the ins and outs of keyword search in this post.

Finding the Right Design for Your Blog 

It goes without saying that choosing the right graphics and images for your blog can help it immeasurably. Hence, you should consider using the right tool for choosing the best graphics and images for your blog.

Kadence offers excellent, customizable templates optimized for high performing niche blogs. We offer dozens of beautifully designed starter templates that are bound to attract huge traffic to your blog. The Niche News starter template is ready to go for anyone looking to do a health, natural living, nutrition or exercise niche blog. It even has Restrict Content set up so you can begin offering membership benefits to your audience.

The Best Blog Niches for Your Site

You might already have an idea in mind or a topic that you want to write about. As discussed earlier, you need to choose a blog niche that suits you and matches your interests and needs. We certainly can’t be the ones to make this decision for you, but we can give insights into what we have seen work for others. Here is a list of blog niche’s that have generated the most traffic and income:

1. Cooking and Food

Here’s a topic that everyone searches for when looking for that perfect recipe. Whether your cook or not, we all gotta eat somehow! Food blogging gets an amazing amount audience because once people have a taste of home cooking, they usually cannot get enough of it.

However, since it is a high-demand blog niche idea, it is a competitive niche. A good rule would be to focus on one particular area of expertise in the cooking and food blogging field. For example, you can choose to be a unique vegan and focus on vegetarian blogs. Other examples of great niches include the keto diet, gluten-free baking, cooking with kids, dealing with food allergies or sensitivities, diet for natural healing, or whatever you feel you have more knowledge about!

Unique topic ideas often come easy with food blogs, which makes it a great blog niche for your site. To make your blog more interesting, you need to add some extra content besides the recipe. For example, you can explain how the recipe came to be or who inspired the recipe. You can add links to where you got your ingredients or utensils. 

You can also suggest ways the readers can improve their ingredients or utensils. This will create a connection with your readers, which will increase the engagement of your blog and help to better retain your audience.

2. Fitness

Fitness may sound like an exclusive category, but it is actually a topic that nearly everyone has to think about on some level. No matter your shape or size, we are all forced to think about our health and fitness plays a key role in that. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people became more aware of their health and the importance of improving it, which led to a boom in the fitness field. Fitness has since remained a top topic to be discussed on the internet.

For the fitness niche, you can create educational videos on how to work out at home with no equipment. To monetize the idea, you can simply provide personalized courses, advice, and relevant advertising, which will set you on the right path to growing your audience and bringing in income!

3. Parenting

There is often no blueprint for parenting. Though it would be nice if there was! What woks? What doesn’t work? How to maintain sanity? These are the things people love to hear about! If you have kiddos of your own then you have stories to share. Kids are hilarious! So whether it’s about the struggles of remote work with small kids, traveling with children, or your own rendition of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, write about it! These are the kinds of things people can relate to on deep levels, and thus, makes it a good niche for your blog.

4. Finance and Accounting

Going back to topics that nearly everyone can relate to, financial security and wealth is an incredibly engaging topic for people. The harsh reality is that we all need money and we all need wisdom on how to spend (or not spend) said money. People are hungry to learn tips and tricks on how to earn more, save more, and invest. It is for this reason that venturing into the finance blog niche is a great idea. You might consider writing about investing, money market funds, or even forex. The common denominator is that these blogs are in high demand and very profitable.

5. Fashion

Did you know fashion is the most searched type of blog on the internet? Hey, who doesn’t want to look good?? Fashion is an amazing blog niche because there are so many facets to it. And there’s no right and wrong! Let your creativity flow as you discuss the happenings in the fashion industry. If you have an eye for fashion people want to know about! Does denim on denim actually work? How much jewelry is too much? At what point do you have to accept that the you just can’t wear what the teens are wearing? Give us your takes!

Get Started!

The best way to start niche blogging is to just get started. Experimenting with what is interesting and what works is the only way to find your path, and the best way to learn is get started.

While the topics we listed are engaging and exciting, don’t let them limit you! The biggest thing that people want to see is passion. Hone in on your passion and find where it fits in the world of blogging.

Kadence has so many starter templates that can make getting started feel like a breeze! Get access to all our starter templates and all of the tools you’ll need with a Kadence Bundle. And with Black Friday underway, saving money by getting started today opens up your blog to amazing possibilities.

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