Branding Your Emails in Woocommerce

Creating Comfort

Have you ever made an online purchase and upon receiving your confirmation email suddenly you feel uneasy about your order?  Maybe the style of email didn’t match that of the company, or the logo was the same, but the fonts and formatting just weren’t in sync? It’s a little unnerving, right? Instead of feeling enthusiastic about your order, suddenly you find yourself hoping this company is actually legit.

This is the kind of feeling you don’t want your customers to have. In fact, you want them to have the opposite feeling. You want them excited and confident in their purchase. You want your customers to feel a sense of comfort and ease, knowing that they made a good decision. There are a lot of factors that come into play when ensuring your customers are truly happy with their purchase, but one that I want to highlight a bit is that of brand recognition.

Brand Recognition 

Creating optimal brand recognition is kind of like creating a healthy relationship. You have to be all in all the time and the details are key. When all your bases are covered, it gives your company a sense of legitimacy and makes people feel like they can trust you and whatever it is that you’re selling.  Whether someone is viewing the front page of your website or your post on Instagram, there should be the same fluid feel throughout. Your aim should be that the DNA of your company is easily recognizable and evenly in sync amongst all outlets.

Let’s talk more about DNA. I’m not just referring to your logo, I’m talking your fonts, your colors, your content, all of it! Everything that makes your company what it is. When all of this flows beautifully in sync, it creates a feeling of familiarity. This way it won’t matter which outlet people use. Whether it be social media, subscription emails, your website or any other, there will be a sense of recognition that makes people feel secure. And when people feel secure, they are much more likely to place an order.

Transactional Emails

One of the interactional outlets that all-too-easily gets overlooked is transactional emails. These are the ones that are sent out automatically when triggered such as the customer completed order, canceled order, customer new account, and all the others like it. Because they’re being sent out automatically, it’s easy to forget that they even exist. But they very much do exist, and all your customers are receiving them and linking these emails with their overall experience with your company. That’s a big deal! Transactional emails give you a final chance to truly connect with your customers. It can be the very thing that leaves your customers feeling either impressed and excited about their order, or feeling uneasy and underwhelmed with their whole experience. The latter is what we’re trying to avoid.

Customizing Your Woomail 

We believe that brand recognition should expand beyond your website and into the content of your emails. The trouble here is that by default, WooCommerce allows for very little control over the content and style of your transactional emails. You can style a few colors and edit some of the text, but the overall feel is left very basic and bland. Who wants that?

At Kadence Themes we take it upon ourselves to set our users up for success. That’s why we created the Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer Plugin. It allows you to not only customize the wording and content of your WooCommerce email, but it allows you to fully style and customize your emails to match the branding of your company. You can also live preview and test send emails so you can see exactly what your customers are seeing. This plugin comes with pre-built designs that you can easily import, or you can build your own, exactly as you want it!

For more information regarding Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer, take a look at this post:

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Optimizing the Experience

You want to create an experience for your customers that leaves them totally excited about their purchase and talking about it to all their friends. In order to truly create this experience, every interaction they have with your company should be genuine, personal, and full of brand identity. Make your transactional emails stand out! It’s all about the experience. Make it count, and people will keep coming back.