Build a Blog Subscription with MailPoet 3

Build a Blog Subscription with MailPoet 3

If you want to reach your most loyal readers, a subscription list is an absolute must for your WordPress blog site.  Giving your readers the option to subscribe to your blog is simple with MailPoet 3.  With it’s easy to use built in editor, setting up an automatic post notification is straightforward.

MailPoet also offers many features that you’ll probably find useful down the road. So while the plugin may seem a bit robust if you’re only looking for an email notification system, the extra features will come in handy when you inevitably become internet famous and have a few thousand readers.

MailPoet 3 also offers a FREE subscription service that will allow you to send emails to up to 2000 people!  This is great if you’re running a small site, since often you’ll find emails going directly to your reader’s junk folder. (this is mainly an issue due to hosting) We won’t cover the configuration of a MailPoet subscription service here but stay tuned for a future post covering this process.

With that information, let’s get started building a subscriber list with MailPoet 3.



Download and Install MailPoet 3

Firstly, you’re going to want to download and install from here:

Once the plugin is installed and activated, your first step is going to be creating your first list.  By default, there is a list generated when you install the plugin, but for the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to create a list of “Blog Subscribers.”



Create List

  1. Go to MailPoet> Lists, Add New List
  2.  Give your list a name, then save it.
  3.  Manually add users to test you email.



Create a Subscription Form.

  1. Go to MailPoet> Forms and click Add New.
  2. For this tutorial, we’ll keep our form simple.  If you desire, you may customize the form to your tastes.  We’ll be sticking to the basics, only giving our form a title, and assigning it our created list.  Name Form and add a list…Save.



Create your email


  1.  Navigate to MailPoet> Emails, and click Add New.
  2.  Select “Latest Post Notification”
  3.  Set the frequency at which notifications will be sent.  This controls how often your readers will receive this email.  I’m going to set it up so that an email is sent whenever a new post is published.  Depending on your needs, you may choose to send to send with less frequency.   Whether it be once a day, once a week, or monthly, MailPoet lets you control the frequency down to the hour.
  4.  Select a template to build your notification email from
  5.  Build an Email using mail poet’s built in editor, and customize it to your taste.
    Add the “Automatic Latest Post”
  6. Save email and move onto the final step page. Double check that all of the information is correct, and make changes if necessary.  Activate the email then go to Posts> Add New.
  7. Write a post and publish it.  You should shortly receive an email containing your most recent post.  If you’re not seeing the email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.



Place your Subscription form

  1.  Copy your subscription form shortcode
  2.  Decide where you’d like to place the subscription form.  This can be within a sidebar, your footer, or any text editor on your site.

  3. Save the shortcode into the desired widget area, and then view it on the front end of your site to be sure that you’re satisfied with your form’s display.


Optional Form Placement for Kadence Members

**Kadence Theme’s Members have access to the Kadence Widget dock.  If you have access to this plugin, then you can add the form to the Kadence Widget dock.


For more information regarding the Kadence Widget dock, CLICK HERE