Introducing the Kadence Lottie Block

The Kadence team is excited to introduce the Lottie Block, a new block available in Kadence Blocks version 2.2.4+. This new block gives site owners using Kadence Blocks new opportunities for adding high quality and low-bandwidth animations to their websites. … Read More

What you need to know about WordPress 5.9

With WordPress 5.9 just around the corner, we know you have questions, concerns. A lot of noise is being made about full-site editing, block-based themes, and the future changes happening with WordPress. I’m writing today to help reassure the Kadence … Read More

Responsive WooCommerce Emails

One of the top requests for our Kadence WooCommerce email designer is to add a way to make WooCommerce emails responsive/fluid for better mobile support. If you’ve not had to create email templates before this may sound easy. Unfortunately, it’s … Read More

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