How to Customize WooCommerce Emails: 5 Ways to Brand Your Emails

Customize WooCommerce emails so you can create something that points readers back to your brand.

WooCommerce comes with a standard email template for its users, which is great to get you up and running. Changing those outgoing emails to match your branding and style can provide users with a more customized experience. But who wants to dig into the code and create template overrides to make this happen? With Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer, you can make all the changes you need right in the WordPress Customizer.

So let’s see how to make that happen.

Installing the plugin

You can search for Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer in the WordPress Dashboard under Plugins > Add New.

If you don’t already have WooCommerce installed, you can find it in the same place, under Add Plugins.

Now head back to the WordPress Dashboard, and under WooCommerce, you’ll see an Email Customizer submenu. Clicking that menu will take you directly to the WordPress Customizer to begin customizing your email templates.

Customize WooCommerce Emails

Once in the Customizer, you’ll see lots of available options to customize your email template.

You don’t have to make it difficult when you customize WooCommerce emails. Use what others have created. Starting with the Prebuilt Templates, you can select one of the included templates or download the free fluid template. This is a responsive design that adapts mobile devices.

If you decide to use the responsive template, you can request to receive the download in your email inbox. Once you receive it, you can unzip the file, click Import-Export, and drag the file to the Import section.

1. Change the Type and Text

Once you have a template selected, you can change the text for the email under Email Type and Text and see your changes updated in real-time. Choosing a font that is used in your brand or that reflects your voice is a great way to customize WooCommerce emails.

2. Container Options

Next up is the Container option, where you can make changes to the width, customize a border, and add padding.

3. The Header

The Header options contain submenus for Header Image, Header Style, and Heading. You can add any header image that you’d like, display it within the container or outside it, and use the image to link users back to your website. Always think about your brand when you are looking to customize your WooCommerce emails. Colors, images, and voice should all reflect your brand. The more it looks like you, the more readers will expect your company/brand.

4. Content

There are many options in the Content menu to help you control your content display. You have options for color changes, font styles and sizes, and which items to show on the order form.

5. The Footer

In the Footer section, you can change the color of the footer, add or remove padding, and showcase your social media links.

If you’d like to add custom CSS, you can do so in the Custom Styles section.

Completing your template

Don’t forget to click Save before exiting the Customizer. You can send yourself a preview email with the Send Preview Email menu to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to.

And that’s it, now you can customize your WooCommerce emails without writing a single line of code!

Be safe, not sorry!