Interview with Clayton of Kaolin Creative

This month I got in touch with Clayton Chase of Kaolin Creative to ask him some WordPress related questions. I got inspired to reach out after seeing some of the great designs Clayton has been creating using Kadence Blocks. Below is our brief written interview.

What do you do? Tell us about yourself and your involvement with WordPress?

I am a web designer and front end developer that specializes in WordPress websites. I’ve been working with WordPress for about eight years. I’m not a PHP developer but focus on creating stable, light, powerful websites on WordPress.

What is a mistake you commonly see others making in your field?

The most common mistake I see is building WordPress on bad themes and plugins or way too many plugins. Also, bad hosting is pretty common.

What tool or resource was a game changer for you once you found it?

Kadence Blocks & GeneratePress – both have been instrumental in building beautiful yet stable WordPress websites and give me a lot of flexibility.

What has been one of the hardest challenges in your career? Perhaps reoccurring, perhaps a one-time event.

Probably the greatest challenge is helping customers understand the value of a stable WordPress website and what goes into it.

If you could give any advice to others starting out doing what you do what would you tell them?

Exceed your customer’s expectations every time and you will always have referrals and repeat clients, be honest, and educate yourself on your craft.

Be sure to check out kaolincreative.com and some of the amazing work he’s done.

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