Kadence Reaches 100,000 Active Installs

Kadence 100k active installations

After just a year in the WordPress repository, the Kadence theme has reached 100,000 active installations! We can’t be more excited about the future of the Kadence theme. And we can’t thank our community of users enough for the support! 

Kadence got here thanks to you, the engaged and active Kadence community. It’s your feedback, reviews, and requests that have helped sculpt the Kadence theme into what it is today.

There are now over 100,000 WordPress sites that are faster, more accessible, and absolutely gorgeous thanks to the Kadence theme, its supporting plugins, and its community of helpful users.

Looking to the future

We are just getting started with all that Kadence will be able to do for its users. Since its launch, we’ve been able to add tons of new features, and new starter templates. And more is coming. As we look ahead to full site editing and deeper integration possibilities with the block editor, we are excited about areas Kadence can innovate.

Our focus has always been on what our users really need and want, and we set out to build those features. Helping people create effective, appealing WordPress websites is our goal. As we move into 2022 we are excited to help our users and innovate solutions for them.

Kadence Theme is built on a strong foundation of supporting plugins that will continue to grow with Kadence. In the WordPress repository, Kadence Blocks and Starter Templates by Kadence WP extend what is possible with WordPress in key ways. We have lots planned to make these plugins even better and more powerful.

We also plan to extend our plugins available exclusively through KadenceWP.com. The latest plugin, Kadence Conversions, helps site owners build block-based modals, popups, slide-ins, and banners with granular control over design, behavior, and even analytics right in the WordPress admin dashboard. 

The future of Kadence is bright and we invite you to join our community and build better WordPress websites.

Thank You!

It only took a little more than a year for Kadence to grow to over 100,000 active installations, and it’s going to take even less to get to the next milestone. With more users seeing what Kadence can do, the word is spreading and more users are giving Kadence a test run. 

We owe this growth to you, our community, and our users. And this growth will allow us to be of even more service to you and your site visitors by creating even more tools to make the web a better place. 

From all of us at Kadence, thank you for being a part of the Kadence community.


  1. THANK YOU. Moving our Agency to the Kadence Stack has been awesome. Every time you come out with a new innovation, it affirms our decision to align with Kadence and we feel gratitude for getting to use it in our daily work life.

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