“More” Gutenberg Tips

Gutenberg is packed full of useful features to allow you more control over your editing experience. To access some of them, you need to find the “More” options area at the top right of your editor.

1. Access “More” Options

Clicking the 3 dots in the upper right of your gutenberg edit pagej opens the “more” options tab:
Gutenberg More Options


2. Unified Toolbar

The first option you see in the “more” toolbar is to enable the “unified toolbar.” Enabling the unified toolbar will move the options for your current block to always appear at the top of the editor window:
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Default Toolbar

Default Gutenberg Toolbar

Unified Toolbar

Gutenberg Unified Toolbar


3. Fullscreen Mode

Enable Fullscreen Mode if you wish to hide the sidebar and admin topbar:

Gutenberg Fullscreen Mode


4. Spotlight Mode

When spotlight mode is enabled, any block that isn’t currently being edited will appear with a bit of opacity. This is supposed to exhibit some of the functionality of “distraction free mode” from the original WordPress editor:
Gutenberg Spotlight Mode


5. Code and Visual Editors

If you wish to edit code directly, you can switch from the visual editor to the code editor:
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Gutenberg Visual EditorGutenberg Visual Editor


Gutenberg Code Editor
Gutenberg Code Editor



6. Plugin Options

If you’re using plugins that add extra Gutenberg functionality, then you can find their settings below the code editor:
Gutenberg Plugin Options

7. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also view all keyboard shortcuts available in Gutenberg:

Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

For a full list of the keyboard shortcuts available, open shit modal:

[kad_modal btntitle=”Gutenberg Shortcut List” btncolor=”#ffffff” btncolor=”#ffffff”]

Gutenberg Shortcuts Full


8. Copy All Content

Finally, you can use the “copy all content” tool to copy all of your pages text content. This function does not copy anything but text from your post or page:
Copy All Gutenberg Content