Plugins That Have Recently Added Gutenberg Support

If you have been working with WordPress for any amount of time, it is likely that you have come across an incompatibility issue at one point or another. WordPress is always changing and it is key that you are using themes and plugins that are changing with it. The changes that are coming with WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor are a bit more drastic than that of your average WordPress update. Gutenberg is not just a new editor for WordPress. It is laying an entirely new groundwork for how WordPress operates.

Gutenberg is built with blocks, rather than text and shortcodes as the Classic editor has been. This means that plugin some developers are having to change the some of the structure of their code. With all this comes unhappy people who were not anticipating change. However, the chaos that seems to be erupting with Gutenberg will eventually subside and soon enough this new editor will be the new normal. However, in the meantime, it is important to keep up with what plugins developers are doing to get ready for Gutenberg.

While many plugin developers are doing what they can to “survive” this change, others are diving in headfirst. Some are getting creative in adding Gutenberg support. We’re not just talking about keeping a functional plugin, but some are actually enhancing their plugins and bringing them to a whole new level. Below is a list of several plugins that have started to embrace Gutenberg and created unique ways to use it to their advantage.



The talented team over at Yoast has been hard at work for some time now ensuring that Yoast SEO is fully compatible with Gutenberg’s release. They’ve integrated new designs and fresh features that will not only help in improving your SEO, but will make configuring your SEO settings even easier than before! Yoast has configured their own sidebar within the Gutenberg editor that allows you to easily set your snippet preview, adjust your readability, and customize your keyword. You even have the option to add additional keywords. To learn more about Yoast and their Gutenberg design, check out this post. 


WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block

As they should, the Woo team is taking full advantage of the new Gutenberg editor. They are using it to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce. If you are reading this post before the launch of WordPress 5.0 then you know that Gutenberg is still just being offered as a feature plugin. Because of this, WooCommerce is releasing their WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block as a feature plugin as well. Once the Woo developers are fully satisfied with the stability and design of their plugin, they will implement it into WooCommerce core. As for now, you will need both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block installed. Find out more about the WooCommerce block here.


Caldera Forms

As discussed in this post, Caldera Forms was one of the first WordPress plugins to be Gutenberg ready. With version 1.5.8, Caldera Forms integrated Gutenberg into their plugin core. With this update, they added new features such as being able to preview your form from the backend.  They have also integrated a Caldera Forms block into the Gutenberg editor. You will still create your forms in the Caldera Forms settings. Then, you can search for the Caldera block from within the editor and select the form you would like to show on the page. Once a form has been selected, a preview of the form will show in the editor. No more guesswork!


The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin is set out to embrace the changes that WordPress 5.0 is bringing. Rather than making the most minimal changes needed to keep this plugin functioning with Gutenberg, the Modern Tribe team (the creators of the events calendar) have committed to fully integrating their product with the changes that the Gutenberg editor is bringing. They are adding key features that they feel will truly enhance the user experience. These features include reusable blocks, upgraded code, customizable events display and more! To get Modern Tribes perspective on all of this, check out their post here.