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Retrieving Your Google Maps API

Google requires that you obtain an API code in order to use their maps services.  This is a recent requirement that means you must visit their site and have one generated.

*Google changes their API policy frequently, I try to update this post whenever a change occurs, but be aware that this tutorial may not cover the latest iteration of their API generation.

The first step towards getting your code is to visit this site:


Once you get there, click the  “Get Started” button.

get started with google maps api kadence themes


Select “Maps” from the pop-up:

select google maps api kadence themes


Select a project or create a new one:

create new project kadence themes


Unfortunately, Google now requires payment information for all API generation. Though if you don’t meet the criteria for the charges, you wont be charged. Create your billing account with Google, and then configure your API settings

create billing with google kacence themes

agree to terms google maps api kadence themes

add billing information to google maps api kadence themes


After giving your billing information, configure the API with the URL of the site that you’re using Google Maps for. Generate the API, and copy it.


Paste it in Theme Options> Misc Settings and hit “Save Changes.”


Check your contact page (if you’ve got a map configured there) or anywhere on your site that’s using a Google Map.  Your inputted address should be reflected on your map.

Contact Us Virtue Premium-min


If you need to edit any of your Google Map API’s, you can delete, rename, and adjust the security settings of each one here: