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Comparing and Displaying Sliders

Slider Comparisons

  • Flex Slider

This slider is very basic and easy to use, yet it is still sharp and efficient. It allows for captions, descriptions and slide links.

Demo: Flex Slider Demo

Flex Slider Virtue Premium-min

  • Carousel Slider

This slider is similar to the flex slider in that it simple and efficient. The difference is that the carousel slider uses different size image ratios allowing you to show both portrait and landscape images.

Demo: Carousel Slider Demo

Carousel Slider Virtue Premium-min

  • Image Carousel Slider

The image carousel slider allows you to show multiple images at a time.

Demo: Image Carousel Demo

Image Carousel Slider Virtue Premium-min

  • Kadence Slider

The kadence slider is one of our very own. It’s extremely easy to use while still having great features that make for a crisp, efficient finish. This slider allows you to add captions, descriptions, buttons and animations. It also has full-width and height options.

Demo: Kadence Slider Example

Kadence Slider Virtue Premium-min

Displaying Sliders

  • Displaying the Flex, Carousel and Image Carousel sliders on the homepage:

-Start by going into Theme Options > Slider Settings.

-Select a home image slider and add your slides.

-Give each slide a caption, description and slide link (all optional).

-Adjust your width, height, transition type and other slider settings.

*Note if you wish to show captions please be sure that the Show Captions option is turned on.

  • Displaying the Kadence slider on the homepage:

*It is important to note that these sliders are set up through plugins while the sliders above are set through the slider settings in theme options.

-Once your slider is set up go into Theme Options > Slider Settings.

-Select a home image slider.

-A box will appear allowing you to select which of your sliders to show.

-You then have the option to move the slider above the header (this works great will full screen sliders) and add an arrow at the bottom of your slider.

Text Widget

-Go to Appearance > Widgets.

-Select the Text widget and drag and drop it into the location you want your slider displayed.

-Copy and paste the shortcode from your slider into the text area. *Note only the Kadence and Cyclone sliders use shortcodes.

Virtue: Carousel Widget

-Go to Appearance > Widgets.

-Select the Virtue: Carousel widget and drag and drop it into the location you want your slider displayed.

-Give it a title and select the type, number of columns, number of items, scroll settings, category and speed of your carousel slider.

  • Displaying sliders on the top of pages in virtue or pinnacle:

-Start by going to Pages > Add New.

-Under Page Attributes set the template to “Feature” and save the page as a draft.

-Next, under Feature Page Options, select the slider you would like shown on your page.

-Customize the remaining settings and publish your page.