Translating Theme Strings with LocoTranslate

Whether you’re running a site in English or another language,  you’ll find that a lot of text within a theme is predefined.  When it comes to translating these items to different languages, we rely on volunteers to translate the files for us.  Unfortunately, we are only proficient in English, so we’re not really able to check if the strings are 100% accurate.  If you find a piece of theme defined text that either is incorrect in your language, or you just want to change it to better fit your site’s needs, you can easily do so with the LocoTranslate plugin.

You can download LocoTranslate from here.

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed, it’s time to make the translation.

Find the string:

Before you can start translating, you first have to decide which piece of text you want to change.  In this case, I want to change the Spanish translation of the “About Author” text to something a bit simpler.  Currently it’s displaying as “Sobre el Autor.”  I want to change it to “Written by” in English, or “Escrito por” in Spanish.


When you have identified the string and are ready to translate, navigate to the plugin settings within your admin area.


Select Text Domain

When in the LocoTranslate Home Screen, select the text domain of the text that you’re trying to change comes from.  In this case, it will be Ascend – Premium.  If you want to translate strings within plugins, such as WooCommerce, select that file instead.

Select Language

Once inside of the text domain, find your language.  We’ll select Spanish, since this is a Spanish site:

Translate String

When you’ve gained access to the file, next you need to search for the string you want to replace:


Click on the string, and scroll down to the translation box.  Input your new string:


Save the string:

View Results

After saving your string, view the text on your site to be sure your change is reflected:


The same process applies to all theme defined strings, including those in your WordPress admin area.  If you need any assistance translating strings, contact us on the forums and we’ll do our best to help move you forward!

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Sync Language File to Find Missing String

If you’re looking for a string that’s not showing up when you search, then you may need to sync your POT file to enable editing of the string. To sync the files, simply hit the sync button on the editor and search for your string again:

Sync Files Loco Translate

If the string in question still doesn’t show up after syncing the file, contact the Support Forums and we’ll help you get your translation sorted.