Using Crowdfunding to Engage With Your Audience

Getting Noticed

Have you ever pushed out an idea, but the audience recognition just wasn’t there? Sometimes even the best ideas need a little extra boost to get them up and running. This is where crowdfunding comes into play.  In our previous post on crowdfunding, we talked briefly about audience engagement, but in this post, we want to really talk about it. Without the people crowdfunding just doesn’t work. We need them! The goal should be so much bigger than gaining new followers and building brand awareness. If you want to really boost momentum you need to stir up passion and truly engage with your potential backers. There are several ways to do this, social media being a core resource. But we want to talk about another outlet that often gets undermined…

Email Marketing

We spend so much time posting the perfect photo on Instagram or tweeting just the right amount of times that we often forget all about our other tools in the box. For example, email marketing. Did you know that email marketing is 34% more effective than other forms of outreach when it comes to crowdfunding? Email is generally seen as a more “serious” form of social media. People tend to engage longer with an email than with a status or a tweet, which allows you to engage directly with your target audience and state your claim.  Of course, email marketing depends on whether or not you have emailers to market to. This is why it is so important to build relationship with your customers early on and create an email list. If you can get people excited about your campaign anyone who’s anyone will want to jump on board!

Content Strategy

Articulate your email in a  professional manner that causes people to stop and listen (or in this case, read). Be sure to include a specific call to action that will lead readers directly to your campaign page. The most important bit when it comes to content is creating an effective subject line that will make people actually want to open the email. Most people get tons of emails every day and if something doesn’t seem familiar or of interest, it often gets put into spam (c’mon, we know you do it too). The best kind of subject line is one that cuts directly to the point but also gives a little hint at the storyline. Let your subject create a sense of urgency, making people feel the need to see what your email is all about.

Follow up

Email marketing isn’t a one and done strategy. You should send a series of emails leading up to your campaign launch. And by series, I’m talking 2 or 3, not 5 or 10. Don’t get spammy. Then once your launch has happened, continue with the momentum and send follow up emails! For those who contributed, don’t forget to thank them and tell them about ideas coming up in the future. For those who did not contribute, send an email a week after the event and give them one final offer to do so. But let’s not make anyone feel guilty here if they were unable to pitch in. Include all the different ways that they can help move your campaign forward. It can be as simple as spreading the word to their friends! Lastly, don’t forget to include what’s in it for them. If they share your campaign or contribute in any way, what will they receive in return? Free stickers? Free coupons? People love free and there’s no shame in catering to the wants of the people! So get out there! Create a campaign, spark some passion and start emailing! 

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