Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit Checkout Manager

The Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit plugin adds a checkout manager to WooCommerce. If you wish to add any custom fields to your checkout page, this plugin makes doing so simple.

To get started, download the Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit from the product downloads area of your account, or have purchased the plugin separately here: Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit.

  1. Navigate to ShopKit > Checkout Editor
    Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit
  2. Enable the Checkout Editor
    Enable Checkout Editor
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce > Checkout Manager
    WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  4.  Choose the field that fits your needs:
  5.  For this example, I’m just going to add a simple “Where did you hear about us?” box with a few options.
    Create Custom Field
  6. Save the changes:
    Save Changes
  7. View your checkout page:
    View Custom Checkout Field