Working With Brizy Page Builder

Getting Started

Brizy is a newer page builder that is super simple to use. It may not be quite as flexible as some of the bigger players, but the ease of use certainly makes up for any features it may lack. Brizy allows you to custom build every page on your site. Or, to make life easier, you can import one of their beautiful prebuild layouts that come packaged within the plugin. To get started with Brizy, first download it from here. Next, activate the plugin just as you would any other and get started building stunning pages!

Configure Your Layout

1. Once you have the plugin installed, navigate to the page that you want to edit and Click the “Edit with Brizy” button to get started:
Edit With Breezy

2. By default, the Brizy template will be selected. This template doesn’t display your header or footer, so if you’d like them to show, simply open the options in the bottom left corner and select the default template:
Default Page Template

3. To start selecting your page elements, click the “Start Building” button, and select a layout or start from scratch:

4. If you’re not using a pre-built layout, you can add or delete columns by clicking the corner of the widget. In this same area, you can add an image background for your column and set an overlay:
add or remove columns

To resize your columns, click the divider and drag to the desired width:
resize columns

5. In the left sidebar, you can find your main layout controls:

    • The first pop-out gives you a list of the elements that you can to select.
    • In the second, you can quickly reorder your Brizy blocks.
    • The last is your styling options. There, you can set the default styling for the page.
    select page elements
    reorder page blocks
    set styling for your page

    Adding Elements

    1. To add elements to your page, click a “plus” button, and drag the element to where you want it to show:
    add element to column

    2. To access the settings for each element, click on it, and change the settings within the popup. To edit the text, just click it and type into the element:
    Change Element Style

    For spacing options, click the cog and open up the advanced settings for the widget:
    advanced settings for element


    Set Background of Blocks and Elements

    1. To set the background for your block, open the block styling and select an image:
    set background image

    If you wish to add an overlay or just a color, open the second box to make that selection:
    block background color overlay

    2. The same options can be found for each individual element:
    background options for element

    3. Once you’re happy with your page elements, publish your layout:
    Publish Your Layout

    Preview and Edit Mobile View

    Brizy allows you to preview your page’s mobile view. It also enables you to easily hide elements in mobile if you desire.
    1. To switch to the mobile preview, click the bottom left icon:
    switch to mobile view

    2. If you wish to hide an element or a block in mobile, click on the “eye” icon:
    hide in mobile view

    Any other changes made to the elements in the mobile preview will only affect the mobile view.

    Creating A Gallery

    Brizy doesn’t have a designated gallery element. To create a gallery with Brizy, you have to add a column for each image and place an image within each column. An easy way to quickly create a gallery is to import the default gallery block and just replace the images with your own:

    gallery block template

    Click the image options and replace the image with your desired photo:
    replace with your image