Accordion Block

Kadence Blocks includes and Accordion block that allows you to add custom content to an accordion style layout. Add whatever block content you like within the accordion block, and customize the appearance to meet your needs!

Firstly, select the accordion block from the block selection:

Once the accordion has been added, configure the content of each:

Configure Content of Accordion

Add more panes by clicking the “Add Accordion Item” button:

Add New Pane

After you’re happy with your content, configure the initial settings for your accordion:

Accordion Initial Settings

Set the pane title options for Default, Hover, and Active stages:

Pane Title Area Settings

Customize the icon set for your accordion:

Accordion Icon Set

Configure your title’s spacing and border settings:

Title Spacing and Border Settings

Customize the fonts of your accordion titles to match the rest of your site:

Pane Title Font Settings

Set the appearance of your content area:

Customize Content Container

Change the markup of your title and set the max height and width of your content:

Title Markup and Structure Settinsg

View the complete accordion to verify that you’re happy with it:

Accordion Front End View