Form Block

The Form block allows you to not only create custom forms, but style them however you want! With the Form block you have the ability to add unlimited custom fields and it also includes Google ReCaptcha support!

To get started, add a new block to your page and select the Form Block.

Settings and Customizations

Create as many custom fields as you would like. You can duplicate rows, adjust the size of the columns, choose whether or not they are a required field, etc.

Adjust your field settings, including input background color, border settings, font styles, button settings, field row gap, and more!

Actions After Submit

Within the Form Block settings you can adjust your Actions After Submit settings. Choose if you want to receive an email after, whether or not you want the user redirected after submission, whether or not you want to incorporate an auto-response email, and choose if you want to set up a database entry.

As each option is selected, you will see a tab that allows you to customize each action after submission.

Optional Background

To add a background to your form, you can use the Kadence Row Layout Block. Create a row with a full width background image then drag your contact form into a column within the row. Then you can set a background color for the column and adjust the opacity as desired.

With the Kadence Form Block, you also have the ability to add a dynamic subject field. Check out this post to find out more.