Post Grid/Carousel Block – Configure a Blog List

The Post Grid/Carousel Block can be configured in an unlimited number of ways. From awesome post grids to flexible carousels, you should be able to achieve anything you want with the block.

This guide will show you how to configure a blog list layout with the block.

Firstly, select the Post Grid/Carousel Block from the block list:

Select Post Grid Block

Then, select the initial style of your post block:

Select Initial Style

Choose how your posts will be selected, as well as the order, number, and whether or not you want pagination:

In the Layout Settings, set the layout, number of columns, and spacing between your columns:

Post Layout Settings

Next, navigate to the image settings to set the image alignment and size of your featured image. For the blog list, you’ll want the image aligned left, with the width and padding adjusted to your liking:

Post Grid Image Settings

Change the content that you’d like to show for your footer meta:

Footer Meta Content

Set the design of your post header, assigning a background if needed, and adjusting the spacing:

Header Settings

In your Content Settings, set the background and spacing for your post content:

Configure your Footer Settings to change your footer design:

Lastly, when you’re satisfied with your layout, take a look at the page from the front end to make sure it looks good: