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Dynamic Content (ACF Support)

Having blocks like Slider and Gallery, etc. show content dynamically from ACF (Pro) custom fields. There are unlimited applications for this. And installing Elementor + Elementor Pro on the site just for adding a couple of dynamic elements that already exist in Kadence Blocks won’t be necessary.

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Content/Post Timeline

Content/Post timeline similar to

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Copy and paste the styles from one block to another

Please create a way to copy and paste the styles from one block to another. If I style an image overlay widget one time, I’d like the ability to apply the same style changes to 3 others on the page without manually updating all of the styles or having to duplicate it and re-enter all…

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Save Page as Template

I’d love the possibility to save pages as templates to export them and import them in another website. They have that in Elementor (

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Advanced Table Block

The Gutenberg table block is very basic. It would great to have a block with more advanced features such as custom styling/colors per cell/rows/columns, background colors/gradients/image, column sorting, header and footer section for data details, and CSV import.

99 votes

Make it possible to set ALT tags on images within Kadence Blocks.

Make it possible to add alt tags to individual images inserted in Kadence blocks (like the Info Box block and the split content block) – rather than depending on the alt tag set in the media library. The default Gutenberg image block handles this properly.

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Save custom Gutenberg blocks

It would be awesome if we could use Kadence Blocks to create custom Guenterbg blocks. These Gutenberg blocks would differ to the reusable blocks as they would be centrally updated. So if you have used the custom block throughout your website you can change the design from your Kadence Gutenberg block. Updates the Kadence Gutenberg…

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Row layout background video from YouTube URL

For the Row Layout Block background it would be great to have the possibility to embed a YouTube video directly with a URL rather than uploading it to WordPress.

91 votes

Upload field for form block

Consider adding an upload field for the form block to allow visitors to upload an image or PDF (resume for example).