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show advanced slider navigation arrows on hover

Currently, the navigation arrows on the Advanced Slider block are always showing. You can turn them off completely, but you can not adjust them to be hidden until the user hovers over the slide. Please, make a feature that hides the navigation arrows until the user hovers over the Advanced Slider block.

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50 votes

Background Overlays Settings on Columns

It would be great to have the same Background Overlay Settings that are available on Rows onto Columns as well. Use case: often, when creating a design I look to have a background image on a column with text overlayed. Having the option to dim the image or add a gradient overlay colour to help…

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116 votes

New Block Request - Expand / Show More

Hi guys, it would be really nice to add a new block with “Expand / Show More” capability such as this one: Thanks in advance Cheers

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115 votes

Content/Post Timeline

Content/Post timeline similar to

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