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Advanced Image Block Advanced Link settings

I'm aware the Advanced Gallery block offers options for the linked image to open: 'media file', 'attachment page', 'lightbox' or 'none'. These option are missing in the Advanced Image Block. Sure, I could use the Advanced Image block and only load one image. The problem is: I'm loading my images using ACF, and the Advanced Gallery Block only allows for images pulled from a ACF Gallery. Pulling just one image from an ACF Image field isn't possible in the Advanced Gallery plugin. On the otherhand I can load a single image from the ACF Image field into the Advanced Image block, but I cannot (by default) allow the image to be clicked and openen in a lightbox (Which is what I'm trying to acieve).
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  1. This request can be closed. I forgot that there is an option for images lightboxes under the ‘General > Performance’ tab in the Customizer. Now I can load a single images from ACF into the Advanced Image block and let it open in a lightbox.

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