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Dynamic Content - get custom fields from MetaBox Settings Page

Meta Box allows fields for custom posts, but also for custom site-wide settings. I have some strings in these settings that I like to use in various places, like the title of an accordion block. Also checkboxes. Kadence shows all other fields, but nothing from the Settings Pages. This would be very useful, and a big time saver to be able to use site-wide settings throughout Kadence. Technically it might be a minor thing as it’s just custom fields: the same fields as for posts.
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  1. Updating this feature request as this is already available.

    The steps are:
    1. On Dynamic Content, select Post Custom Field
    2. On Content Source, set it to “Metabox Settings Page”
    3. On Custom Field, select from the Dropdown the correct custom field you want to show.

    Here’s a video for reference: https://share.getcloudapp.com/4gurGQz5

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