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Improved Layouts for Posts Blocks

Have different layout styles for the Blog section / the latests posts block / the wordpress loop. It would be amazing to be able to style like different news sections have. For example having it be the latest one be on just 1 column, the next ones be on more. Or maybe just the latest one to have an image and the other ones to not have images, just the tile. Or have different sections based on the categories OR tags with different styles for each. Take a look at how news sites like CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews have their layouts setup. Like latest post has an image and a paragraph of text, then under it older stories from related content (maybe based on same category or with different tags) that contain just the title (no image, no paragraph). On CNN they sometimes have one big [featured] article on just one column, then under on 3-4 columns. On FoxNews they have one main news story on 1 column (with image), then about 4 on 2 columns (with images). Then they have more stories that are 1 column but with smaller images and smaller title text. So these types of different posts layouts for the latest post section, for heavy content blogs or news sites. And have continuous loading, but I think this is already available in the latest posts widget.
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