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Kadence YouTube Block: Lightweight, engaging block to show YouTube videos within posts

This has already been requested by Adam P, but I definitely want to second this as this could be a massive help for tying blog posts and YouTube videos together. Ideally, there would be a lightweight Kadence YouTube block that would be able to show a YouTube video within a blog post or page. The video could autoplay if desired or show a preview thumbnail until the user clicks play. The bottom of the video could optionally show a "Subscribe" banner where users could subscribe to the channel directly by clicking the button. Once the user scrolls down and the video starts to get cut off, it would then automatically move to the lower-right where there is whitespace to continue viewing the video. Once in the lower-right, the video would get a dismiss 'x' button for users to remove it if desired. This functionality can be seen on Adam's site: https://www.wpcrafter.com/automated-membership-website/
Jake Pfohl shared this idea

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