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5 votes

Pods Integration

Would be awesome to pull dynamic content from Pods. I know that Kadence integrations with metabox… how awesome it would be if we had Pods support.

11 votes

Pagination for the normal Kadence posts block

Pagination is only accessible with the Post Grid/Carousel Block and is missing if you want to use the normal posts block. Pagination would come in very handy.

2 votes

Block Selection Order

With Kadence Blocks activated it shows the Kadence blocks first at the top. This is not useful as the default Gutenberg blocks should be listed first (or an option to select where to load them). This way a person can edit their page with default Gutenberg blocks shown first. Kadence blocks can be selected by…

8 votes

Enable and disable blocks

Would be great if each block type can be enabled or disabled. This way we only see the blocks we want to use and not them all as they are not needed.

1 vote

Add support for using fonts from cooLabs

Add support for the privacy-friendly drop-in replacement for Google Fonts, Maybe add a select to allow admins to select which service to use to load fonts.