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43 votes

Option in the Row block to make a section "sticky".

It is a known css limitation : the "sticky" css property doesn’t work when there is a parent container with the overflow css property set to “hidden”. Some themes have implemented an option to overcome this limitation (Flatsome comes to my mind). I would suggest making a similar option available in the Row block. ISSUE…

33 votes

Advanced Image Kadence Block: Options for paddings, margins, borders, etc

Adding this to the Kadence Blocks feature requests since it was originally written in the Kadence Theme section. Per the description… Adding paddings, margins and borders for images is essential for the design process and all other builders have this (WP Bakery, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen), so I see no reason why Kadence blocks users should…

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4 votes

Word-break and hyphens option

Please add word-break and hyphen option to headings and text. So there is no need for custom css anymore.

1 vote

Please add calc() function to all fields

Hi Kadence Team, can you please add calc() possibility for anything wich has a size in? fonts, borders, padding, width, height – anything wich supports them. Would it make mich more flexible for example fullscreen heros…

11 votes

Multiple Box Shadows

It would be nice for rows and columns to have the box-shadow option and even greater it would be to have the ability to add multiple box shadows with different colors. Like in this example: box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px #000000, 0 0 0 5px #ffffff, 0 0 0 9px #000000; It creates a beautiful…

8 votes

Fancy text effects

Some fancy text effects. Example:

12 votes

Feed Block: Instagram, Facebook

A block to show Instagram and Facebook posts from a page, tag or location. Example: