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9 votes

Random Starting Slide for Slider

Initially, I though I need to change the order of slides to Random order. I could live with a MUCH simpler option to set a Random Starting Slide each time the slider is loaded. This allows a dynamic and different page on every load, using the same slide show. The combination of Random Starting Slide,…

4 votes

Advanced gallery - set defaults

Advanced gallery – set defaults On advanced gallery I wish you could manage universal settings, like always show captions, and setting the default layout of the images. Having to indivually set standard parameters is time consuming and easy to forget. I miss the option to have a caption for the whole gallery, having just moved…

2 votes

Advanced Text Block

I would love to have an "Advanced Text" Block, similar to "Advanced Heading", with options for spacing and most important options for mobile text sizing.

1 vote

Add modal close button padding settings

Add modal close button padding settings and left align option. The modal close button doesn't really have a lot of settings that can benefit the design of one's modal. Features like padding and align settings would really improve it. Thanks.

6 votes

New Block Request - Content Filter

A content filter such as this: would be super helpful. Especially if it were to also include a slider for budget etc. like you see on sites like Airbnb and such.