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5 votes

Multi-Select: Impact Several Elements at Once

Just like clicking CTRL/CMD on your desktop allows you to select a number of items at once, you can now do the same to sections, columns, or widgets in your editor, or in the navigator. Leveraging Multi-Select, you can impact multiple items at once, to: copy, delete, duplicate, paste, paste style, and reset style.

3 votes

Link Section Styles

Add the ability link sections together so the styles from the lead section are applied to the linked sections. While it is nice to be able to "copy" and "paste" styles. It is very tedious when you have keep doing so every time you change a style. It should be simple to add the additional…

6 votes

Touch Swipe effect on carousel

Effect of touch swipe (mode free finger movement) on product carousel block? Lots of apps are using.. That could be a game changer at all the carousel possibilities on WP thanks for your thoughts

1 vote

Add pause on row block's background slider

I am using background slider in my row's background settings with Slider Auto Play enabled. This has triggered a barrier with accessibility. Is there a way to enable pause on hover/focus for better accessibility?

6 votes

Improve Accordion behavior with long panes

In an accordion with long (lengthy text) panes, and 'Panes close when another opens' is enabled, the positioning of the newly opened pane on the screen seems random and is confusing to the reader. Positioning the newly opened pane at the top of the screen would help a lot. No issue when 'Panes close when…

7 votes

Icon List - Link styling options

Would be great to have the option to style the link settings for an Icon List block. Currently the style is pulled from the theme settings for all hyperlinks. For example, if I make an Icon List and then hyperlink the text to various pages, it will be all be underlined (as per my theme…

2 votes

Spacer / Divider Block

Spacer / Divider Block: Would be great to have the ability to set the divider width based on the screen size, instead of just one width for all 3 views.

13 votes

PDF Viewer Block

A lightweight solution to display PDFs as a flip book and in a lightbox. Like: Such a block would be amazing for many websites…