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12 votes

Navigation Block

A Navigation Block to allow users to design & place a custom navigation menu in custom headers or footers. The one that comes with WordPress is not at all user-friendly and has very basic customization options. What we need is a full-scale navigation block, as can be seen in Beaver Themer or similar page builders….

8 votes

Additional Info Box layout and feature

Can you please add a layout preset for Info Box with "Icon" and "Title" in the same row, just like Icon List Block? Here's a screenshot of the desired block layout –

3 votes

Category specific CSS classes

Using the post carousel, there is currently no way to change the category specific text/color. For example, I might have a category called "Books" that I want to color red and another category named "Movies" that I want to color green. But that is not possible since Kadence does not add a CSS class per…

3 votes

Improvement For Section Block

The new Section Block is very powerful and flexible, but there are a few suggestions to improve it. First, add Inherit Max Width From Theme settings like Row Layout Block. Second, let users to decide whether the Section Block needs to be at the center if Max Width is set (currently margin-left and margin-right auto…

9 votes

Category filter in the Advanced Gallery block

Although there is a category filter in the Kadence Galleries plugin, this plugin requires a lot of CSS coding, and results in blurred images because of incorrect images sizes. Thus it would be good to have a category filter option in the Advanced Gallery block, and perhaps an option to open a gallery made in…

7 votes

Custom Validations For Form Fields

It would be great if one could add validations like regex to text fields, with custom error messages when validation fails. It would also be great if one could insert custom PHP validations for fields.

2 votes

Info Box - Icon and Title in the same row layout preset

It is necessary to add an essential layout preset with Icon and Title in the same row, just like Icon List Block. This is a basic layout that can be found on most websites. Much appreciated if this layout can come true. Thanks.

1 vote

Feature Request - Event Block

Greetings, Feature Request for an Event block, please? The Date inside a black box which overlays the image is what we’re after to make it look professional and to make the date obvious – rather than a date below the image. We don’t need or want a full-blown calendar. We’re a small nonprofit community center…