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4 votes

Count Up block - allow decimals in start/ending numbers

Since the recent support for decimals in the count up block, it would only seem to make sense to allow 1 or 2 decimals in the start- and ending numbers. I currently am having to use Getwid blocks, just for the Count Up block decimals. Since I own a Kadence membership, I would love it…

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1 vote

Modalblock custom close-button

So it's possible to open the modal with a custom button. However I'd like it if it would be possible to also close it with the same (or another) button. The default close-button doesn't let us do any cool custom-things đŸ˜‰

2 votes

Image Swap Block

Hover over image changes to a second image.

3 votes

Carousel of Info blocks

I would appreciate it very much, if you could provide a carousel of infoboxes, as you do for testimonials. The first reason is performance: I don't want to implement a carousel of fixed posts on my starting page. Instead I want to do this with infoboxes linked to the posts. The second reason is usability:…

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