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5 votes

Get User Meta for Hidden Form Field

I would like to have a feature added to allow us to get the user meta, to populate a hidden field. Example: Hidden field is populated with logged in users info, such as first name, last name, user name, etc. This would allow our logged in users to fill out a form without needing to…

51 votes

Repeater block for custom post types

The Repeater field provides a neat solution for repeating content like portfolio items or list of let's say cars with dynamic data like milage, manufacturing year, petrol/diesel/electric, and more. This field type acts as a parent to a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again. What makes this field type so…

12 votes

Get parameters in Form block

Hello! I would like to have get parameters in Form Block. Here is the video how it is implemented in Fluent Form so you can understand what I mean đŸ™‚

7 votes

More font weight option

The font-weight option inside every block that has the typography setting currently only has 3 choices which are: Inherit, Normal, Bold. Can add a few more options like 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800, and 900 so that we didn't need to always add custom css to amend the font-weight of the text.

52 votes

Post Grid with both post filter and pagination

Hello, I would put in a request for an update to the "Post Grid/carousel" block. To enable both post filter and pagination. Right now it's one or the other. I want to have a news page (for example displaying 6 latest articles from a few categories) with the top post filter (to select a specific…

35 votes

Upload Custom SVG Icon

Those blocks that related to icon such as Icon Block, Info Box, Icon List can have the same option as the recent Kadence Theme update 1.1.12 to allow us just paste in out SVG code instead of going through icomoon to convert the json file and upload to use it.