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4 votes

Advanced Heading: Add link to PDF or Media Library Item

The Advanced Heading doesn't easily link to PDF files and/or Media Library items. It would be a great time saver to allow adding a link to a Media Library item where it opens Media Library to select an item or upload an item that is then linked as a file download. It is very time…

27 votes

Dynamic Content - JetEngine (from Crocoblock) Support

Similar to ACF and, Jet Engine plug-in from Crocoblock is one of the best plug-ins for dynamic data integration on WordPress. In my opinion, Jet Engine is even the most modern plug-in. See also the other fantastic plug-ins from Crocoblock at the link below.

51 votes

Dynamic Content ( Support)

The integration of into the Kadence blocks or theme to dynamically display content would be a great thing and just as important after ACF Pro, as is even more comprehensive than ACF Pro. Because what many still do not know is that the Pro versions have just as a similar interface as…

16 votes

Adjustable Width for Section inside Row Layout Block

This feature allows us manually input the value (e.g. percentages) for each column. Currently, the dragging feature is only available for desktop view, if both of these dragging features and manually input value features are available for all desktop, tablet, and mobile views. Then the row layout blocks will be the most powerful and flexible…

4 votes

More block integration with dynamic content from toolset

The integration with Toolset is great. However, it's not for all the blocks. If there could be more blocks integrated with Toolset it would make it more efficient. For instance the carousel and icon block etc.

5 votes

Variable button border widths

We now have the option to add a border to a button (and on hover) but I would like to add a border to T/R/B/L separately (incl on hover).

12 votes

Render Custom CSS at Gutenberg Editor

Custom CSS that has been written in every single blocks element that has the section to write CSS can be rendered (show the outcome) directly at Gutenberg Editor. Custom CSS at the page-specific script for Kadence Blocks Pro also can be rendered too. This feature will allow us to view the changes directly from the…

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10 votes

Horizontally align button in form block

With the advanced headings, we can horizontally align text for different viewports. It would be great (for freebie opt-ins) if we could center a button without having to rely on custom css. Just like we can center or right-align headings, paragraphs.

1 vote

Excerpt post Block

When you set a specific excerpt lenght in the customizer for post archives, this excerpt lenght is then inherited by the normal kadence post block. It would be nice if these two excerpt settings was not linked together but each had their own setting.