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6 votes

Role Manager for Kadence Blocks

It would be great if there's a way that we can hide certain settings for different editor roles. Stackable for example has a role manager ->

1 vote

Random Feature Image

On each visit to the page, or page refresh, the feature image or hero photo would randomly alternate among a group of image files; this is not a slideshow as the featured image would be static on each page load.

3 votes

Full-size Vertical Slider

A new configuration setting for the Kadence theme / blocks PRO – "Vertical" full-size sliders, (like many photography themes have)

5 votes

I'd like to see stacked shaped dividers

With stacked dividers, you can use multiple basic shapes to create something very fancy and pretty. An example would be how GenerateBlocks does it.

13 votes

Custom SVG Icon

Hello, it will be great if we can add custom SVG Icons in the Kadence Blocks Icons section. I already tried to add the json format icons, but I never succeeded in that.

12 votes

Different layouts for the Search header block

The Kadence search currently only offers a full-screen search bar. It would be great and very useful to have different options to show the search bar when clicking on the Search icon in the header. For example Slide out search bar that would slide down below the header or inline to the left.

13 votes

Post grid/carousel read more button alignment

A way to align the Read more buttons on the post content to the bottom of the container, just above the footer meta section so that the buttons on each container horizontally align.

9 votes

Video popup on text links

Allow the video popup block to be triggered by a text link/ and or a button. Currently it only works with images.

2 votes

Ultimate Menu feature i Kadence Block Pro (like found in Kadence theme pro)

Hi, got a little frustrated of overlapping features and shouting out for Ultimate Menu feature. I wish that the Pro package had the ultimate menu feature like the Kadence theme pro have. These offerings are very much overlapping, but not on the ultimate menu feature. I wonder why this is not implemented once you buy…