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2 votes

Bring the list view closer to the block on which we click directly

Currently when you click on a block, you have to look for the colored block in the list view, and when you have dozens of blocks you lose time! So when we click on a block, have the list view adjust directly and the colored block in the list view go up on its own…

1 vote

Adjustable width of the WordPress Gutenberg block settings

Allow resizeable right column in admin for block settings, or even detachable. Some settings bring up a horz scroll bar. Working in this narrow column is getting more tricky as blocks have more and more settings

8 votes

Get User Meta for Hidden Form Field

I would like to have a feature added to allow us to get the user meta, to populate a hidden field. Example: Hidden field is populated with logged in users info, such as first name, last name, user name, etc. This would allow our logged in users to fill out a form without needing to…

67 votes

Repeater block for custom post types

The Repeater field provides a neat solution for repeating content like portfolio items or list of let's say cars with dynamic data like milage, manufacturing year, petrol/diesel/electric, and more. This field type acts as a parent to a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again. What makes this field type so…

13 votes

Get parameters in Form block

Hello! I would like to have get parameters in Form Block. Here is the video how it is implemented in Fluent Form so you can understand what I mean đŸ™‚

7 votes

More font weight option

The font-weight option inside every block that has the typography setting currently only has 3 choices which are: Inherit, Normal, Bold. Can add a few more options like 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800, and 900 so that we didn't need to always add custom css to amend the font-weight of the text.

58 votes

Post Grid with both post filter and pagination

Hello, I would put in a request for an update to the "Post Grid/carousel" block. To enable both post filter and pagination. Right now it's one or the other. I want to have a news page (for example displaying 6 latest articles from a few categories) with the top post filter (to select a specific…