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5 votes

Persistent Audio Player

A sticky block that can continously plays audio streams while the user navigates from page to page of the site, without starting and stopping the music or audio stream. Would be beneficial to podcasts, music stream, radio, while providing a great user experience.

18 votes

Display Conditions for Kadence Blocks Pro

To be able to setup more display conditions based on post type, taxonomy etc. That would be a life saver within Gutenberg for a million use cases. (As you can guess, we currently don't use Kadence Themes, so there would be the need to have this option available for Kancence Blocks (Pro) plugin.)

58 votes

select taxonomies as dynamic content

To be able to select taxonomies as dynamic content (we need that for blog post category, plus also categories of a podcast post type)

11 votes

A simple image block

A simple image block (like the default WP one), but with the option for dynamic content with Kadence Blocks Pro. Would be extremly useful!

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14 votes

Be able to have a link in Advanced Gallery Captions

Toolset already has this possibility, however, their gallery block is not so flexible as the Kadence Advanced Gallery. It would therefore be extremely useful if this feature could be done. A most important use for it is that, as well as the image name, I would be able to include 'buy now' and have that…

2 votes

Add Syntax Highlighter Blocks

Please add Syntax Highlighter blocks to display snippets codes like php, css, html, etc. Don't Forget to add Copy Button to copy the codes.

2 votes

Left/Right Side Table Of Contents

Please Add an Option to Display Table of Contents in side on mobile devices through Trigger Button. Just like this screenshots:

2 votes

Pricing Table Like A2Hosting

Hello, Please Add Pricing Table like A2Hosting such as different show different prices according to the validity date by Tabs. Please see screenshot: