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79 votes

Carousel touch/finger scrolling

currently there are only triangles to scroll images in carousel of the advanced gallery on mobile devices. It would be a very useful feature to have thumb or finger scrolling which is common norm for any slider. This feature to have is also agreed by your expert staff (Josh), who has been very helpful in…

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115 votes

Copy and paste the styles from one block to another

Please create a way to copy and paste the styles from one block to another. If I style an image overlay widget one time, I’d like the ability to apply the same style changes to 3 others on the page without manually updating all of the styles or having to duplicate it and re-enter all…

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13 votes

Add HTML Field Type to Forms Block

Sometimes we have to add explanatory text to a form to assist the user to fill it in correctly or follow instructions etc. Need a method to add text within the body of the form.

9 votes

Align Add to Cart button at the bottom in Product Carousel

Now, the Add to Cart button would be placed either higher and lower depending on the title and description length. Please make available an option to align the buttons at the bottom. Refer to WooCommerce Best Selling Products block.

29 votes

Google Map integration block

Ability to embed a Google map easily and control markers/marker ibfirmation, map height /with, responsive behaviour, map style, zoom, etc