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17 votes

Tabular data - table block - displaying lists

Ability to add tabular data and manipulate responsive tables. There is no way to do this easily with row layout. Ability to add rows and columns, merge cells, options for mobile display, header and footer, etc. Ability to insert text, ivons, images into cells, alternate row background colours. All business sites have lists of contacts…

21 votes

A/B Testing Blog

One of the most important feature for every site owner – if you really want to grow your business – is testing. So, I'm really thinking how it could be to have A/B testing in our pages. Sure, many SaaS services offer these options, to even test some "part" of the pages. I've seen that…

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17 votes

Sticky Table of Content in Sidebar

It would be great if we could have a sticky table of content in the sidebar, so people can navigate through pages and see at which section they are while scrolling through the page. This is an example:

7 votes

Add a "Add More Products" Button to the "Cart Popout on add to cart"

This is for Non-Savvy customers. Currently, if I've toggled the "Show the cart popout on add to cart" option on, I will only see 2 buttons "View cart" & "Checkout". The problem: On mobile, as the cart popout takes over 7/8 of the screen, it is left with 1/8 of the screen for customers to…

12 votes

hCaptcha integration

Dear Kadence dev team, I am pleased to use your Kadence Gutenberg plugin as it has lots of features, such as a well made contact form block. As you may have noticed, Google reCaptcha functionality (fundamental in any form) is getting more difficult to set-up in their Google Console and their monopoly over the web…

8 votes

Advanced Gallery Lightbox Opacity Setting

Hello, It would be nice to be able to adjust the Advanced Gallery Lightbox overlay opacity. I find that I've been adding… /*Set Kadence Blocks Advanced Gallery Lightbox overlay opacity*/ .slbOverlay {opacity:0.9} to the theme's Additional CSS to darken the background page and background navigation arrows or buttons. Sometimes, especially with an autoplay carousel running…