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12 votes

Advanced heading

Ability to make advanced heading full width without creating a container row/section for it (ie. add background color etc and then make full screen width)

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4 votes

Improve blog post grid

I would like to suggest to implement a more flexible blog post grid that offers the opportunity to change its looks, e.g. nr of blog posts, show/no show, for tablet and mobile. Such options are already available for some other blocks. Thank you

7 votes

table of cotent

As we all know, google dont like thin content. Bloggers are more likely to produce very long content with table of contents. I do know kadence has table of contents. However, it is not quite user-friendly for mobile readers. Cuz mobile readers have to click the scoll up icon to read the table of contents…

2 votes

Limit best selling query period for Product Carousel

Instead of listing all time best selling products, it'd be practical to be able to list the best selling product within a user-specified period. For example, best seller within the week, the month, etc.

5 votes

Remove limit for Animate on Scroll start delay which has a limit of 3000

I wish to create a landing page with a video and buy button. However, I would like to show the buy button only after a specific delay on the page. (Viz 30 mins) When I use the animate on scroll feature, the maximum start delay I can get is only up to 3000. In elementor…

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58 votes

Contact form PRO: Extra options and fields

Having these options in the Pro version of the contact form gives us so many possibilities and we no longer need third party plugins: Conditional fields Calculation fields File upload field Select date and time field

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23 votes

Sidebar menu/navigation on full width page layout

Customizable navigation/menu in right or left – non scrollable – sidebar on Kadence Full Width Page Layout. Sidebar should be customizable with Logo, navigation and other blocks.

88 votes

Upload field for form block

Consider adding an upload field for the form block to allow visitors to upload an image or PDF (resume for example).