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5 votes

Side Vertical Menus for desktop

Hi, can you please look into left hand screen menus for desktop instead of header/footer area, many thanks

6 votes

Remove or increase time limit for Countdown Timer block

The Countdown Timer block currently has a time limit of 100 hours (and 59 minutes and 59 seconds) in Evergreen mode. It would be amazing if that were either increased (at least double) or were just removed altogether.

7 votes

'Post' block - Display Entire Post

Would greatly appreciate having the option to display the *entire' post content for the Posts block…not just an excerpt (or no content). There are occasions when we're trying to capture a single post in the block and the inability to display the entire content of the post has forced us to utilize the native WP…

35 votes

Custom Responsive Controls - Modify or Add custom breakpoints

There are situations when it would be really useful to have additional breakpoints in the Kadence Blocks, especially in the Row Layout block. Example: I would like to collapse columns on screens smaller than 600px because it looks good on larger screens.

27 votes

custom post grid content & layout

First, I would like to be able to configure the post grid content and set what appears in the post container, based on the post type. For instance, if I'm showing a custom post type for courses, I would like to be able to show stuff like Course Category, Skills Level, Number of Lessons in…

9 votes

Option to place title before image in Post Grid/Carousel

It would be nice to have an option to display the title before featured image. For certain contents, the titles actually play more important role than image. Displaying the title first can catch users' attention. Now, title and excerpt only shows after the featured image.