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7 votes

Updated captions in the Advanced Gallery

Currently, the Advanced Gallery block pulls captions from the WordPress Media Library when adding it to a post. However, when the caption in the Media Library is changed, it will not be updated in the posts. This leaves us with outdated captions across the website. Centrally managing image captions from within the Media Library is…

9 votes

Image Comparison Block

Would love to have a Image Comparison Block with a handle to slide between front and back image. see: Maybe not the block with the most requests, but maybe a nice add on for pro đŸ˜‰ ?

32 votes

Conditional Headers

Having the ability to have different headers depending on page/post type, user login/logout, etc. The most obvious use would be a home page header that all would see, and then another header for users who are using the website's features, such as membership subscribers or customers who are logged in and are familiar with the…

5 votes

Icon List column control on tablet and mobile

We need a setting to control list columns on tablet and mobile. It's great to be able to create horizontal icon lists, but on mobile it is essential to order them vertically. Three in a row is too much on mobile.

27 votes

Meta Box support

Hi there, can you please add Meta Box support: For grids etc. Would be awesome and so powerful!