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10 votes

Kadence Cloud options

The new Cloud functionality is fantastic! For my users I wish I could disable the "Sections" and "Starter Packs" and offer them only my own cloud content. It's mainly because I need the content to be in another language. Thanks.

8 votes

New selectable standard 16: 9 (HD) for the thumbnail slider gallery

Hello, I'm trying to create a thumbnail slider gallery with 16: 9 (HD) aspect ratio. There are specifications for landscape formats 4:3, 3:2, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, but unfortunately the commonly used 16:9 is missing. If I select "inherit" as aspect ratio and thumbnail ratio and fill the gallery with 16:9 images, there seems to be…

37 votes

Datepicker in the form block

Hi, Thanks for the great work so far. I would like to have a datepicker function in the forms. This would be very nice and meet the expectations from our users when booking appointments. I hope it's not too much of a hassle.

44 votes

Dynamic Filtering for the Post-Grid Carousel Block

Currently, the Post/Grid Carousel Block is not dynamic. If I set it to show 8 posts, and then choose a category, it will only show me posts in that category that were already showing in the 8 posts. I'd love to see it dynamically filter from all posts–not just the initial view of 8.

2 votes

Post Grid/Carousel block defaults

I'd like to be able to set block defaults for the Post Grid/Carousel block. Currently, block default are possible for 11 blocks only.

2 votes

Post Grid/Carousel block to build content silos quicker

Websites that use pages instead of posts can have a parent-child hierarchy. It would be great if the block had the option to include all child pages automatically. On top of that, the user could manually add more pages to display, but this would prevent a user from selecting all child pages manually. Also it…

7 votes

Heading Plus Lede In Description Text Please!

Currently we can easily setup a heading, background image and text. We cant' currently add a description without building it manually. An example of what I want to do is here: Notice how it has a nice description of the page below the initial heading? Should be a VERY easy option to include in…

14 votes

Google Sheets integration to Forms without Zapier

Hi, I would like to request a feature update in the Forms block. As you already support Webhook, please enable data sharing with Google Sheets without Zapier. For me to generate the endpoints, you need to release a script and an access key. Here is an example of how this will work. Zapier can…

6 votes

popup for age verify

popup for age verify, I need make a popup to the first visitor access, if the visitor is legal age, stay to visit the website, if don't agree, close the site.