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Advanced Image Block Advanced Link settings

I'm aware the Advanced Gallery block offers options for the linked image to open: 'media file', 'attachment page', 'lightbox' or 'none'. These option are missing in the Advanced Image Block. Sure, I could use the Advanced Image block and only load one image. The problem is: I'm loading my images using ACF, and the Advanced…

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Table of Contents Block Tracking Page Scroll

The table of contents block should have a setting that can highlight where you are in the article as you scroll. I have seen this done on other websites where the table of contents is sticky in the sidebar and tracks your progress down the page. For example, when you scroll pass the second H2…

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VH and VW units for all font sizes

It would be nice to have viewport height (VH) and width (VW) for all font sizes. Personally, I use them more than EM and REM because it's easier.

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Changing form placeholder color per form

At the moment, the Kadence form placeholder color gets automatically taken from the color palette "subtle text". As sometimes the website may have entirely different types of forms, it would be great if the form placeholder color could be controlled from a separate option on the individual form level.

19 votes

Advanced Query Loop

I would like to have a query loop block with advanced options that can design a post list freely. ACF/MetaBox/Pods support with a filter hook would be nice.

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5 votes

Text block with animations

It would be great if there is a text block with complex animation options. An example of text animation is this –

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sidebar sticky table of contents

I have been trying to figure out how to add a right sidebar sticky table of contents. It seems Kadence will only build a table of contents at the bottom of my blog and not helpful after the fact! There is a youtube video showing someone do this with Kadence, but it requires Kadence "Elements"…