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10 votes

Parallax on background video

When we apply a background image to a row we're given the option to apply PARALLAX functionality. It would be great if we could also do this for video.

7 votes

Integrate conditional logic with popular membership plugins

Currently we need to use shortcodes in the block editor to restrict certain sections of content. This ends up being confusing for clients, as there are often several opening and closing shortcode tags on a page. It would be great if there was a way to conditionally show/hide content based on whether or not someone…

6 votes

Custom Error Messages in Form block

It would be great if we could write custom error messages like "Please enter a valid email address" or "Please accept our Privacy Policy before submitting the form". It's not a small request because the developer would've to rewrite the php and js of form block. But it would be more polite and would do…

66 votes

Background Overlays Settings on Columns

It would be great to have the same Background Overlay Settings that are available on Rows onto Columns as well. Use case: often, when creating a design I look to have a background image on a column with text overlayed. Having the option to dim the image or add a gradient overlay colour to help…

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7 votes

Post Grid: Ability to switch between excerpt and content

For a post grid of testimonials or something else "short" I'd want to use the full, formatted, the_content instead of the_excerpt. A simple toggle would allow that change. Also the ability to turn off the title link since I don't necessarily want the user clicking into a testimonial that is already fully present on that…

11 votes

Lightbox: Customisation of lightbox UI

Options to customize the lightbox interface such as background color, color of icons, placement of close button (e.g. top right of browser), color and size of icons and option to use/upload custom icons. Also being able to chose from a range of different transitions/animations and speed would be a plus.

15 votes

Add Woocommerce Categories in Portfolio Grid/Carousel

Currently you can only select the following post type: Posts, Products and Pages ( And with taxonomy you can choose the category to certain product category). Please I appreciate adding Wocommerce categories so it can be displayed as carousel along with the different layout settings. Thank you

10 votes

Trigger Modal Through Form Submission

I would like to be able to trigger a modal popup via form submission. So that when, for example, someone opts into my newsletter, it triggers a popup that thanks them for it.

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