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25 votes

Advanced Gallery lazy load for quicker page load

I'd like the Advanced Gallery to optionally lazy load images that are not displayed to the user on page load. Currently, a gallery showing 1 image but containing 10 images will load all 10, while most visitors will not click the gallery. Only loading 1 image will drastically decrease the page size. This should be…

4 votes

Klaviyo Form Integration

Please, if possible to add a Klaviyo Form integration. It is on of the best ecommerce CRM on the market. Thank you.

33 votes

Add a toggle switch to change between light/dark mode on the frontend.

Your global colors feature is awesome! It works perfectly in the customizer. It would be even more great if we could provide a color scheme switch for our website users. I’m thinking of the classic approach to switch between light and dark mode. For example, the toggle switch could be a choosable widget in the…

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7 votes

Updated captions in the Advanced Gallery

Currently, the Advanced Gallery block pulls captions from the WordPress Media Library when adding it to a post. However, when the caption in the Media Library is changed, it will not be updated in the posts. This leaves us with outdated captions across the website. Centrally managing image captions from within the Media Library is…