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21 votes

Dynamic Sources (Toolset)

Would be great if Dynamic Sources for Blocks would be integrated to use them with Toolset. See for further information: I hope that most of the additional code is not Toolset exclusive, hand also can be used by other CPT plugins.

19 votes

Dynamic Fields for Text and Email

I would like to see dynamic fields for Name (text) and email on contact form so that it can be used to personalize replies.

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13 votes

File type field on contact form

Our clients are reluctant to send their files via email. They would prefer a secure way to send a file via file upload facility on a contact form. When will Kadence Block contact form support file type field?

10 votes

Exclude Headings from TOC Block by CSS classes

It would be great if there was the option to exclude certain headings. Maybe by classes? Either through a predefined class or by defining classes in the settings. Maybe as Pro Feature?

2 votes

Comment Section from H2 to div/span/aside

I would like to see the template-comment-H2-tag rebuilt to div/span/aside or configurable. Path: wp-contentthemeskadencetemplate-partscontentcomments-list.php Example:

15 votes

Kadence Block Templates

It'd be great to have the option to create user made templates for things like the advanced button, accordians, etc. that could be selected from when creating a block. I know you can set defaults, which I love, but more options would always be great!

0 votes

Password Changed

There is an email template ready for change password , but there is not email template ready for "password changed" i would like if you can make one đŸ™‚

4 votes

Add option for 'Download' attribute for all link types.

With advanced button, you can set the link attribute to 'Download'. However, other links in blocks like 'info box', text links, etc do not have this option. These types only have the 'no follow' and 'sponsored' attribute options. This download attribute allows files to be downloaded without leaving the page or opening a new tab/window….