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32 votes

Conditional Headers

Having the ability to have different headers depending on page/post type, user login/logout, etc. The most obvious use would be a home page header that all would see, and then another header for users who are using the website's features, such as membership subscribers or customers who are logged in and are familiar with the…

5 votes

Icon List column control on tablet and mobile

We need a setting to control list columns on tablet and mobile. It's great to be able to create horizontal icon lists, but on mobile it is essential to order them vertically. Three in a row is too much on mobile.

28 votes

Meta Box support

Hi there, can you please add Meta Box support: For grids etc. Would be awesome and so powerful!

14 votes

Form Block: Trigger Webhook

Ability to trigger a webhook after form submission. This would be a very useful "catch-all" integration option that would allow us to send form submissions immediately and directly to other platforms such as a CRM, marketing platform, Zapier, Integromat, etc. Tons of very useful possibilities. đŸ™‚

17 votes

Responsive datatable block

Although there are a lot of plugins for tables already, I would really like a light weight responsive table to be part of the Kadence products. Personally I would not need a lot of advanced features like filtering, sorting or even pagination. Data entry in the backend, some styling options, and a way to insert…

5 votes

Post grid/carouselle excerpt length

We need an option to limit the characters posted on the PostGrid? Why would there need to be a "read more" link if it's all there already?

2 votes

Elementor Elements for slider and a sort of Flip Card

I would love to utilize your slider plug-in as an elementor element. I would like to more easily create a sort of custom flip card to represent company info. Basically a way to show a picture or pictures or video on top with a banner below this graphic, then below this banner the company name…