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116 votes

Save Page as Template

I’d love the possibility to save pages as templates to export them and import them in another website. They have that in Elementor (

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8 votes

WooCommerce Single Product Payments

Allow user to show custom payments and allow custom icon to assign to custom payments. For example we want to show Indian Payment Options with icons

3 votes

Theme Integration with Product Reviews for WooCommerce

Let's face it, reviews are very important and no one wants to lose it when switching themes. is SAAS and itz cloud based. It is features reach and allows very easy import and export. It also has Auto Review Remainder, Image and Video as a review and what not. Would like to see this…

12 votes

Copy list styles

Ability to copy paste list style (icon, size, colours, spacing etc) between lists in made in the Icon list block.

19 votes

Allow Custom Titles for TOC Block

Sometimes I use a longer h2 on the page than I want in the TOC – to shorten it, I'd like the option to use custom titles in the TOC block. UltimateBlocks TOC block does this, please check it out for inspiration.

50 votes

Related Posts Settings

Inside of "Single Post Layout" be able to have more settings when “Show Related Posts” is enabled. Be able to change "Similar Posts" text to other words. Be able to change text & background colors for this section.

92 votes

Save custom Gutenberg blocks

It would be awesome if we could use Kadence Blocks to create custom Guenterbg blocks. These Gutenberg blocks would differ to the reusable blocks as they would be centrally updated. So if you have used the custom block throughout your website you can change the design from your Kadence Gutenberg block. Updates the Kadence Gutenberg…

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80 votes

Improved Layouts for Posts Blocks

Have different layout styles for the Blog section / the latests posts block / the wordpress loop. It would be amazing to be able to style like different news sections have. For example having it be the latest one be on just 1 column, the next ones be on more. Or maybe just the latest…

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14 votes

Woocommerce responsive product grid block with pagination

Currently if you use Woocommerce shortcodes to show On sale products or featured products, there is no way to set column count for mobile and laptop. If you set it to show 4 products then on tablet it looks eirher ugly or it will show 3 in on row on one on another. Also, there…