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14 votes

Form Block: Trigger Webhook

Ability to trigger a webhook after form submission. This would be a very useful "catch-all" integration option that would allow us to send form submissions immediately and directly to other platforms such as a CRM, marketing platform, Zapier, Integromat, etc. Tons of very useful possibilities. đŸ™‚

19 votes

Responsive datatable block

Although there are a lot of plugins for tables already, I would really like a light weight responsive table to be part of the Kadence products. Personally I would not need a lot of advanced features like filtering, sorting or even pagination. Data entry in the backend, some styling options, and a way to insert…

5 votes

Post grid/carouselle excerpt length

We need an option to limit the characters posted on the PostGrid? Why would there need to be a "read more" link if it's all there already?

2 votes

Elementor Elements for slider and a sort of Flip Card

I would love to utilize your slider plug-in as an elementor element. I would like to more easily create a sort of custom flip card to represent company info. Basically a way to show a picture or pictures or video on top with a banner below this graphic, then below this banner the company name…

82 votes

Kadence Blocks Pro - Convert 'Pricing Table' plugin into Kadence Block

In an effort to condense additional plugins into a more unified Kadence Product offering for less confusion and more convenience, I think it would be a great idea to turn the Kadence Pricing Table plugin into a Kadence Block (Pro version). Modernize the UI and allow many of the same options that other Kadence Blocks…

100 votes

Make it possible to set ALT tags on images within Kadence Blocks.

Make it possible to add alt tags to individual images inserted in Kadence blocks (like the Info Box block and the split content block) – rather than depending on the alt tag set in the media library. The default Gutenberg image block handles this properly.

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294 votes

Dynamic Content (ACF Support)

Having blocks like Slider and Gallery, etc. show content dynamically from ACF (Pro) custom fields. There are unlimited applications for this. And installing Elementor + Elementor Pro on the site just for adding a couple of dynamic elements that already exist in Kadence Blocks won’t be necessary.

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28 votes

Parallax for columns

Great for all sorts of design tricks : independent sliding effect for columns on scroll, appearing / vanishing titles on scroll, etc … without having to rely on animation (much smoother effects, easier to set). Make it available vertical and horizontal.