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3 votes

How-to block with Schema

A block with how-to steps and Schema. Like

3 votes

Add gradients to Spacer/Divider blocks

Currently, the Background Color setting of the Spacer/Divider does not allow you to choose a gradient color. As of now, I see only a single color option.

4 votes

search box in header

I have to say that I dislike the search modal and wish to simply put and ordinary search box in the header. Could it not be possible to do this, bearing in mind it is the default method for WP? I have also seen quite a number of other people saying that they too dislike…

5 votes

Product Carousel Block: Add filter hook

I think it is nice to have a filter hook on Product Carousel block query. E.g., $atts = apply_filters( ‘kadence_product_carousel_atts’, $atts, $attributes ); $shortcode = new WC_Shortcode_Products( $atts, $type );

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1 vote

User visibility option on Sections of the Row Layout

I wonder if you would consider an enhancement to the section block and replicate the same user-related visibility options as in the row block. That would be very useful in view of the fact that in many cases the new section blocks can now be used instead of row blocks.

3 votes

More animation-type blocks

Like these below. Hope they help, they are from a different gutenberg block addon